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Most of these exercises have been jointly developed by Mike Bowler of Gargoyle Software and Bryan Beecham of Iceberg Ideas. The collaboration exercise was heavily influenced by Ellen Grove of Agile Partnership. All of these are used by Mike and Bryan in classes they teach and conference sessions they’ve given around the world. Bryan created the original TDD and refactoring exercises and then together they’ve created even more.

You are welcome to use these exercises. All we ask is that you give us credit as the creators. Links to our sites or our twitter handles would be great (@mike_bowler, @BillyGarnet and @eegrove). Let us know how these exercises worked for you. If you’ve made changes then we’d love to hear what you did and how they worked.

See also these interviews where Mike or Bryan discuss the excercises and how they’re used.


These are handouts we use when teaching our workshops and training classes. We make no guarantee that any of them make any sense on their own so you should come to our workshops!

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